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We undertake the registration of Copyright in India. We are located within 5 minutes' drive distance from the copyrights office in India and, thus, are very effective in our follow-ups with the department. We completely care for your copyright and keep it renewed as required at very nominal charges.


If you want to earn royalty on your copyright in India, we can help you. We can provide you following services in this regard:

  • Identifying potential partners;
  • Preparing documentation for the assignment;
  • Following up and updating you on the progress in Indian market;
  • Litigation support, in case things go wrong with the India partner;
  • Pro-active vigil on infringement or potential infringement of your copyright.

    Investigations and Raids

    We have teams concentrating only on potential or actual infringement of our customers' rights in Indian markets. On getting reports of infringement or likelihood of infringement, we conduct investigations. We even use services of our associate detective agency, if required. Once with proof of infringement, we get the enforcement machinery to work and get the raids conducted on pirates.

    Piracy control

    We have long been associated with this work. We have also been associated with Federation of Indian Publishers for controlling copyright piracy in India. We have been addressing various seminars and actively organize awareness campaigns to increase general awareness about the importance of intellectual property rights.

    Infringement protection

    We will not only keep an eye over any threat of infringement of your valuable copyright, we will also provide you much needed support in the unfortunate case of occurrence of infringement.

    Litigation support

    We have a team of experienced attorneys who very aggressively protect the interests of intellectual property owners. We are located within 15 minutes' distances from both Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India.

    Awareness campaigns

    This is one thing for which we have earned a place for ourselves. We can get prepared

  • Print campaigns
  • TV campaigns
  • Campaigns through seminars etc. to targetted audience

    for creating awareness of your copyright. We go beyond the run-of-the-mill publication of non-de-script notices in newspapers. Though we do that also when instructed.

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  • Registration
  • Assignment
  • Infringement protection
  • Litigation support
  • Awareness campaigns
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  • Registration
  • Assignment
  • Infringement protection
  • Litigation support
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Registration
  • Assignment
  • Investigations & raids
  • Piracy control
  • Infringment protection
  • Litigation support
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Investigations & raids
  • Piracy control
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  • Litigation support
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  • Awareness campaigns
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